Num. prot.82/12-12-18

Thessaloniki, 12 Dec 2018

To: Boston Scientific Hellas

Sub: Request of equipment dona

Our association with the name “ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF THE ANTICANCER THEAGENION HOSPITAL OF THESSALONIKI ALEXANDROS SIMEONIDIS” was founded in 2004 and its goal is to contribute to the resolution of chronic issues that the hospital “THEAGENIO” confronts and to its further upgrade and update into a nursing and researching institution, specialized on research, prevention and confrontation of cancer.  Members of our association are patients with cancer, the members of their families, caregivers, representatives of the scientific community and of the state and simple citizens with social awareness and charity attitude


I hereby request your contribution with a purchaseof aspecial adjustment device of CO2 and high pressure CO2 tube Olympus, compatible with the current Endoscopic towers of theGastrenterology department.

The equipment will support the needs of the Gastroenterology department of the Theageneio Anticancer hospital and will be used to cover the existing high demand of patients that needs to be treated or do a precautiory check, to perform more endoscopic procedures per day, screen and treat more patients with higher quality.


I declare that:


  • The equipment donated will be used collectively by the members of the department and as part of the activities of the department during gastroenterology procedures for patient care.


I enclose with this letter the following documents:

  • I would like to inform you that there is only one official supplier that provides the requested equipment which is compatible with the current equipment of the gastroenterology clinic.
  • a copy of the articles of the association confirming that we are eligible to receive donations.



Your availability will contribute to manage the narrow resources allocated for medical capital equipment renovation and extention.


If you require further information, we will willingly furnish it on request.


I would like to thank you in advance for the contribution to upgrade the equipment of Gastrenterology departmentof Theageneio Anticancer hospital and give the patients the best possible treatment.



Yours faithfully



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